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In a previous post I shared Kyle’s experience. So it’s only right to tap into the concept of two-way communication between a client and their barber/stylist. 

I imagine that sometimes communicating with your barber/stylist can be a bit weird for various reasons. This is definitely a learned behavior and it gets better over time. 

I came across a great article on how to effectively communicate your needs and wants to ensure you’re happy when you leave your barber’s chair. For example:

“Q: How to find a great barber or stylist?

A: Keep trying until you find someone you trust.

All of this advice depends on having a good barber or stylist. There are so many of them out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. First off, decide if you prefer a barber or salon environment… Then, check out their websites and social media to see the kinds of cuts they do…”
Read the entire article via Men’s Hair Style Trends here.

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The Barber/Stylist That Listens…

As a barber and stylist, there’s a level of trust that comes with each client relationship. I think I can speak for most barbers/stylists when I say; we are a sounding board, life coach, mentors to our younger clients, and therapists to our clients. I say that light heartedly with all smiles and laughs. But all jokes aside, listening is one of the most powerful skills we have as a barber. 

Take my new client Kyle who came to me through the referral of an existing client. Kyle began to tell his colleague (my existing client) about his biggest issues with the barbers he has experienced in DC.

When Kyle was referred to me, he was a little hesitant and rightfully so after being underwhelmed, dissatisfied and feeling like previous barbers weren’t listening him. Listening to Kyle’s desires for his new cut and beard trim was my top priority. Amidst of it all, making him comfortable in my chair was priority 1.A. I was able to compartmentalize his vision on the fly, and then add my suggested detail that would really make his style stand out. 

As a result of being able to really lock on what the client was requesting and understand his style, we were able to come to a style that was totally fresh to the client. Most importantly, Kyle was able to go to the airport to catch a flight out of town with confidence in his new style. 

Glad I was able to help Kyle. Safe travels. 

Passion For Precision!

One of the most gratifying aspects about being a barber/stylist is knowing that my clients have the confidence in me to deliver exactly what they envisioned. A haircut is everything to the client. 

Being able to provide the best customer experience is a very tangible way for me to measure my success and ability to meet and exceed the expectation of my clients. While I consider what I do to be artistry – the margin of error is slim to none. Very similar to the way art is usually defined as defying the rules and transcending misconceptions and perception. Barbers, often times, are required to make magic! Whether we are straightening hairlines or buffing areas around bald spots and making them less noticeable.

Facebook has been great with helping me understand my client satisfaction in depth. Yeah, you know if you have a happy client once they give you the smile and head nod as they gaze into the handheld mirror. But something magical happens from the time my client leaves my chair and the next day. There’s magic in that amount of time. I have clients who have loved their Lady Clipper cut so much; they went on Facebook and wrote about it. 

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Welcome to The Lady Clipper Blog!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve arrived at the online central hub for all things Lady Clipper. The official Lady Clipper blog is a great way to keep up with official announcements and news from me. I host events exclusively for my clients, don’t miss the invite. 

I just want to be able to provide you with the best customer/client service experience possible. That experience begins before you get into my chair. I want to be able to keep you informed and exceed your expectation. A barber/stylist is more than a business services transaction. It’s a relationship. Your barber/stylist is a relationship built on trust. I look forward to connecting with you. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me today to schedule your next appointment. I look forward to connecting with you. 

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