A Think Piece Centered Around an Olympian's Hair?

The 2016 Olympics in Rio are almost over. With all of the controversy going into the global sporting event, it seems like everything went as well as it could go. The USA has been dominating the medal count and most of the headlines seem to revolve around the USA gymnasts. With all this athletic success taking place, somehow one way or another, the subject of hair style still rises to the top of conversation.

I came across an interesting read via The Washington Post. Candace Buckner penned a think piece on some of the recent disheartening rumblings of the internet about USA Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas's hair in the wake of her recent gold medal performance.

Candace writes:

"Our hair is complex. Well-defined wavy. Corkscrew-curly. Chemically-enhanced straight. Break-a-comb nappy. And for many black women with relaxers, sweat can be their hair’s Kryptonite. A 30-minute workout in the gym is only the preamble to the two-hour workout later that night in front of the bathroom mirror.
Slaying — which just means you look so good, you’re killing it — takes work. And it’s something black women with thick hair have sparred with and accepted since Madam C.J. Walker became the nation’s first black millionairess by inventing hair-straightening products..."

Click here to check out Candace's piece in it's entirety over at The Washington Post.