Services Update: Shifting To Online/Mobile Booking in February

I hope everyone has hit the ground running in 2017 in your endeavors. Big thanks to all of my amazing clients who have been helping me do just that. My client list has been growing exponentially thanks to a lot of referrals from my existing client base. This is extremely exciting and gratifying for me. So as I keep servicing you the best I can in all aspects top of mind, I realized I need to create a more efficient booking process for everyone. Along with this announcement, I'll be rolling out messaging to get everyone more familiar with my new appointment booking process.

I'm happy to announce that I will begin rolling out my new online booking process. The online booking will be accompanied by an even more convenient mobile booking option. I value each and everyone of my relationships with my clients. So streamlining the booking process will help us continue to respect one another's time. By mid-February, this will be the only way to ensure a booking with me.

So with that said, below I comprehensively outline the booking process via StyleSeat to help you navigate the transition and get the most out of your Lady Clipper experience. You can always find a "book now" button when you visit my website

How to Book Your Next Appointment

1. StyleSeat is an online booking platform that brings simplicity to your appointment booking process. You can book online from your desktop, mobile web browser, or the most effective and simple option that is the official mobile app for iOS or Android devices.

First, download the app right from your mobile device:

Important Note: I will only charge card on file if (and only if) you decide to pay that way at the end of your service. Otherwise, you can chose to pay in cash or with a different card. We'll handle that at the conclusion of your service before you leave the barbershop.

2. Next, you'll want to sign up if you haven't already. This is a required step to do any booking within the app. There a few simple steps that include providing key information like your full name, contact information and your payment information.

This allows you to quickly pay for your service without worrying if you have cash in hand or not.

3. Once you've successfully logged in, go into the my account section and complete your profile. Be sure to follow the prompts to verify your phone number to ensure you receive important updates like appointment reminders and updates from me.

Lesley Bryant

The Lady Clipper