How To Get The Perfect Haircut or Style

Previously, I shared a post that focused on the things barbers want their clients to know. This time around, it's about the barbershop lingo.

Your haircut and style is important to your barber just as much as it is to you. Your satisfaction determines a barber's success every time.

Lets be honest, describing the perfect hairstyle you envision isn't always the easiest task. Lets make this a little easier. Certain buzz-words can help your barber understand exactly how to make you happy. 

Terms to Know:

Before you can get into discussing your desired haircut style, you need to tell your barber some preliminary details, especially if you’re visiting a barber that’s never cut your hair before. When you first sit down, let your barber know what kind of general look you are trying to achieve. To this you'll need to know terms like taper, fade, guard length...etc. 

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Lesley Bryant

The Lady Clipper